"Pukka was incredibly helpful with creating and promoting my merch line. From start to finish, he helped with every step, came up with great ideas, completed everything fast and was all around incredible to work with. I previously thought the process of creating and producing merch for my community would be a long and time consuming process, but Pukka completely changed my view on this, he truly was incredible.

I would highly recommend any streamers that want to produce merch, to contact Pukka and work with him, it will be the best decision you make!"

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Evolve Theatre Company

I originally approached Leon to work with myself and my wife’s new business venture a few months ago. I was obviously a little nervous to try a new company to me, but a really good friend of mine highly recommended Leon’s company and I decided to try him out. When I say I couldn’t have made a better choir regarding our merch, I’m not underselling it.

Most Dance Schools have to order in bulk to their houses and hope parents buy the stock so they don’t lose money. This is the opposite of how this works. Every order is done for the person, the turnout is MEGA quick. Any issues are resolved almost immediately! Leon even sent over some taster items to see if we liked them or not, free of charge.

Cannot recommend enough!

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